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At the Wakefield Design Agency our fantastic design team thrive on new projects and deliver imaginative design solutuions

Showcase your products and services through great graphic design from the experts

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Design Services 

Through great graphic design the Wakefield Design Agency will show your product and services in the best possible light. Your brand will be represented with clarity and clever marketing ensuring you hold the viewers attention. We develop and then market our clients’ brands through fantastic design ideas, before bringing them to life in their marketing collateral.

First Step

Sit down with our design experts to determine the most beneficial approach to your marketing collateral

Second Step

Go back to your business, discuss and decide what you think is the best way forward in the development process

Third Step

Come back and talk to us. It costs nothing to chat; we will advise and guide you on what is best for YOUR business

Brand Design

Bespoke, inventive, clever graphic design will bring your brand to life. Creative design will develop your brand and showcase your business through all your marketing collateral. At the Wakefield Design Agency we love challenge, it brings the best out in us, creating brands that shout about their business.


Wakefield Design Agency are specialists in inforgraphic and icon design, we can tell a story or explain complex procedures through imagery.

This approch is both entertaining and informative to the viewer and can be used in many different marketing formats. We add them to websites, use them to explain process in tenders or even to illustrate products.

Packaging Design

We bring packaging to life, take a look at some of our work to see how. Packaging is not just a box with colour, our designs are considered, where will it sit on a shelf, how will it stand out against the competition, what are the manufacturing choices, is cost an important factor or is look and feel of your packaging the most important aspect to your project.

Brochure Design

A well designed brochure is a great way to inform your clients of your expertise. Its a tool used in sales as an ice breaker at an initial meeting or just to add that extra strength to your marketing mix.

In the digital age brochures are sometimes viewed as less desirable when compared to other marketing methods, a brochure is a non intrusive and relaxed piece of literature which shows a client you have invested in your business.

Exhibition Design

At the Wakefield Design Agency have been designing exhibitions for decades. As creative professionals, we have boundless expertise and experience.

We are used to creating both large and small exhibitions and can source all materials required to showcase your business at any exhibition.

Catalogue Design

There is a place for all types of printed design. material and catalogues are no exception.

They breathe your products and can useful as a tool to speak to your clients.

Catalogues are great for exhibitions and even play a great role in slaes for both the manufacturer and middle man.

Leaflet Design

Leaflets need to be thought out carefully, they are not just a single sided piece of printed paper, they are an important marketing tool.

Leaflets can take many forms, folded, cut out, pop out the list goes on. The most important thing about your leaflet is impact and a lasting impression.

Corporate ID

Hold your brand together with fantastic Corporate ID, ensure your brand is healthy and runs cohesively across all your marketing collateral.

Keeping your brands identity intact is essential to its strength, a great set of brand guidelines ansures this.

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