Great photography is all about composition and telling a story

The Wakefield Design Agency bring your imagery to life, entertaining and making the viewer believe.

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Professional Advertising and Commercial Photography 

A great advert usually has great photography at its core, advertising photography is an influential medium and gets your message across.

We provide advertising for all marketing collateral including, print, digital, web, large format and emarketing.

Photography for Products 

Our dedicated studio is where we create the magic of product photography whatever the subject. 

To save time and money our clients can view their shots on calibrated monitors within the studio and approve them while there or we can arrange for remote viewing saving the client travelling to the studio.

On-site Location Photography

As a modern and mobile photography service we travel to all sorts of locations to ensure we get the right shots for our cleints, after all not all shots can be created in a studio.

Over the years we have consistently invested in kit so we can provide the best location photography around.


We have showcased just a few images from our portfolio, a snapshot is just that, give us a call to see how we can bring your interior photography to life.

A keen eye for detail, experience in lighting and composition experience are all key to getting your location shots just right.

Sector Photography 

Letting your customers know where you are, how you operate and sometimes how you manufacture can sometimes be very useful, a photo can be a very informative medium.

Let you clients see your interior and exterior shots of your factories, industrial machinery and people at work.

We capture the essence of any working environment.

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