Wakefield website design create websites that showcase your business to the world

Your website is the shop window on the net, the first place people go to when looking for your business

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Wakefield website design build websites that work

We work side by side with our clients to create websites that engage with their audience and highlight their business on the net.

Website design services

As the online shop window for your business a website should give your business the perfect overview of your business. A website should be easy to navigate with a strong marketing message ensuring you engage with your audience.


When Ecommerce is required then we design our clients a shopping environment that is both enticing and easy to use.

Every shop we build is different and has its own identity. 

On-Site SEO

Wakfeild website design build on-site SEO into their site right from the start.

This information comes from speaking to the product specialist (owners of the business) about their business.

Wakefield Website Design

Is your website easy to navigate, does it send the right message to your cutomers. The first contact many people will have with your business will be through your website.

First impressions count, a clean and well written engaging website says alot about your business.

Take a look at our custom-made websites, built on the open-source WordPress platform our sites can easily be maintained. When completed our websites can be managed by ourselves or handed over to the client for them to update.

If our clients require CMS training then we aoofer a comprehensive training and support programme.

Ecommerce Websites Wakefield

Ecommerce sometimes is complex depending on your products, we have a solution that is simple to use and effective.

Working with you (you know your products best) we will set up your on-site SEO required or we can guide you through sthe process. SEO runs side by side with your shop linking both product and keywords to capture online traffic.

The correct Ecommerce store can be used as a stock control or ordering system. You can even apply the ‘payment up front’ option to cut down on any kind of fraud you may otherwise be vulnerable to.

On-Site SEO Wakefield

1. Pay Per Click (PPC) In order to show up high on google rankings quickly you may want to consider using PPC. Where your Google Ads show depends on how much you are willing to spend on PPC. When using Google Ads you are essentialy entering an auction where you are bidding against other people for the same keywords and phrases relating to your business, or relating to what you want to get found for. A quick but costly way to get tothe top of google.

2. Site Content We feel the best way to get your website up the rankings on google and stay there is to have fantastic web content, an easy to navigate website, a fantastic looking website and keywords and phrases that are key to your business. Making sure the website meets minimal Google requirements is essential in rakning. You want to show on Google then you need to play by their rules.

First Step

Sit down with our web and SEO experts to determine the most beneficial approach to building your online pressence

Second Step

Go back to your business, discuss and decide what you think is the best way forward in the development process

Third Step

Come back and talk to us. It costs nothing to chat; we will advise and guide you on what is best for YOUR business

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